Sell Your House Easily

Putting your house up for sale does not have to be a long, difficult process. There are many different options you can choose from to sell your house easily. First and foremost, you will need to decide if you want to list the house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or if you want to sell the house yourself. Of course there are pros and cons to either situation. Selling the house yourself might end up saving you a few dollars when it comes to paying commissions, however, the house might stay on the market a little longer and require you to do a little more work (putting out signs, fielding calls, etc). The other option is to hire a real estate agent and have your house listed on the MLS. This will give your house more exposure and potentially help it sell faster. If you hire an agent, you will have to pay a commission to your agent as well as the buyer’s agent.

Real estate investors have been very active in the area for the past couple of years and are always looking for homes to buy, especially in today’s market conditions. They make the process of selling a home easier for a variety of reasons. First, they almost always pay cash, which can save a lot of time and confusion when your house is ready to close. Investors who pay cash do not require the property to be surveyed. Sellers customarily pay for surveys and this could create delays prior to closing should any issues arise. Secondly, they do not require an appraisal of the house in order to determine its value. If a potential buyer has secured a loan from a bank/lender and puts an offer on your house, the bank will require an appraiser to go out to the house and determine its value. For example, if the buyer and yourself agree on a purchase price of $110,000 and the appraiser comes over and says the house is worth $100,000, the bank/lender will not give a loan of $110,000. It throws a wrench in the entire transaction and can make things very difficult. Another advantage to selling to a real estate investor is they do not require you to make repairs on your home. After the house is purchased, most investors will rehab the home themselves to prepare it for renting or reselling. Lastly, investors can close on the house quickly and may even pay for your closing costs! If you can avoid an appraisal, a survey, and making necessary repairs yourself, the process of selling your house will definitely be easier.

You can also choose to put your house “for sale by owner”. You will need to put out some “For Sale” signs yourself to attract attention to your house. You can also put an ad in the Classified section of your local newspaper to help gain exposure. Be sure you have a flexible schedule as you will need to show the house to potential buyers when they drive by and/or call. Although investors still buy properties that are for sale by owner, it could take a little while longer for them to see it even with the above advertising recommendations.