Quickly Selling Your House

If you are planning to put your house on the market, you probably are hoping to sell you house quickly  and for as much as possible. There are many things you, as a seller, can do to speed up the process of selling your home. Among them are pricing the house correctly, making repairs yourself, boosting curb appeal, and cleaning up clutter!

Pricing your home correctly is of utmost importance for selling your house quickly. Today’s buyers and their real estate agents are aware of comparable sales in the area, which is one of the biggest influences on the market value of your house. Pricing your house too high will scare buyers away from even making an offer on your home. Here’s a tip for you and your agent: obtain recent sales comparables and price your home 10% lower. When your house comes on the market, more than likely you will get multiple offers on the property for buyers trying to get a great deal on a house. You may then ask for every buyer’s “highest and best” offer and potentially get more than market value for your house. In today’s market, multiple offer situations are very common!

One of the biggest holdups in quickly selling your house may occur during the buyer’s inspection period, which is normally 10-15 days after the contract is signed by both parties. The buyer has a right to inspect the property for any issues, such as roof leaks, the presence of wood destroying organisms, and any electrical or plumbing issues. If the buyer finds issues during the inspection, they may cancel the contract, request a price reduction, or request the repairs to be made. To avoid any slowdowns prior to closing, take a proactive approach and seek these issues out beforehand if they exist. To not find anything alarming during the inspection will make your home look that much better to the buyer. And you’ll decrease the chances of having to find a new buyer.

Another tip to quickly sell a house is to clean up the clutter in your house. This includes depersonalizing and removing family photos on shelves, tables and walls. Go ahead and clean all countertops and remove anything that’s not necessary. Buyers want to imagine their stuff being in your home, not see all of your stuff.

One last tip: boost your home’s curb appeal. If the outside of the house doesn’t look good, some potential buyers will just continue driving. Make sure the yard is mowed, the landscaping and planting is lush, and the exterior of the house itself is clean. Luring in potential buyers should be your goal.