Private Equity Funds

-Private Equity Funds-

Private equity is an asset class comprised of equity securities in operating companies that are not publicly traded on a stock exchange. Private equity investments are usually made by either private equity or venture capitalist firms. Corner Lot works with each type of private equity investor based on the clients’ goals, preferences and investment strategies. We help firms profit in the Florida real estate market.

It’s important to note that a real estate investment, when it comes to private equity, usually falls in the category of being a riskier investment. Private equity investments are typically made through a private equity real estate fund, also called a collective investment scheme, which is formed by pooling together capital from investors.

There are several strategies that we offer here at Corner Lot. Please give us a call so we can discuss what options are available and get started building equity for your future.

-Rental Portfolios-

The real estate crash in 2008 created an incredible amount of opportunities for those positioned financially to take advantage of the lowest housing prices seen in decades. Since then the market in Florida has been able to partially recover but there are still plenty of investment opportunities left.

At Corner Lot, we specialize in working with investors to locate and purchase properties in order to build a rental portfolio to bring in a consistent income stream and help build wealth. We can work with you whether you are looking to purchase your first rental property or currently have a portfolio that you would like to continue to add investment properties to.

The amount of profit that can be generated by rental portfolios is directly related to vacancy rates. We work with PAR, our affiliate property management company, to help our investors fill the vacancies at the properties that they invest in. PAR is constantly advertising and our vast database of renters allows for us to find qualified tenants.

Our relationships with banks, brokers, REO specialist, short sale experts and asset managers allow us to buy bank owned properties at huge discounts. We are highly active in the foreclosure market and we can purchase properties located anywhere in the state of Florida. Our ability to buy properties at such great prices allows for us to help investors purchase properties, build a rental portfolio and build wealth for years to come.

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