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Who is Corner Lot?

Markets constantly fluctuate and as they reach new highs and lows, opportunities arise. The real estate bubble burst ushered instant change to the Florida real estate market. As property values radically declined and credit markets froze, the American real estate market landscape was drastically altered. In 2009 Corner Lot aligned the strategic pieces to successfully enter and continously capitalize on this unprecedented turn of events in the Florida real estate market. Ahead of the curve and leading the competition, Corner Lot established itself as the standard for Florida real estate investing.

Executive Profiles

Andrew Allen


Christian Andrew Allen specializes in identifying undervalue assets. The Jacksonville native attended Jacksonville University where he studied Finance and Marketing. Graduating in 2003, Andy was the recipient of the highly coveted President’s Award. Andy started Corner Lot Properties in 2009 to capitalize on the significant drop in real estate value, dominating the market almost immediately.


Kyle Passkiewicz


Kyle Passkiewicz attended the University of Florida where he earned a business degree in both Finance and Marketing. Kyle began his real estate career buying and selling single family homes as a summer job during his sophomore year of college. Since 2004, Kyle has sold over $200 million in real estate. Kyle teamed up with Andy in January 2011 and built the largest single family real estate investment company in Jacksonville Florida.

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