Our Employee Perspective

I recently had the chance to sit down with a number of Corner Lot employees and ask them some questions about their jobs, the company, values and the future. I wanted to share a number of the answers, because the words of our employees are the most succinct, articulate and knowledgeable expressions of what we do.
So, when asked what Corner Lot does, here are some of the replies:

• A real estate investment company handling every facet of the industry from new construction and remodeling to acquisition and sales.
• Everything under the umbrella of real estate.
• A one-stop shop for all of your real estate needs.
• A full service investment real estate company with the primary focus of distressed residential assets.
• Corner Lot caters to every aspect of the real estate process from finding, acquiring, rehabbing, renting and finally selling investment properties.
• A regional real estate conglomerate.
• Working with Corner Lot is convenient and less hassle because of the wide variety of services available.
• Corner Lot is a real estate investment company that purchases, rehabs, retails, turnkeys, rents, builds and manages real estate for a profit, all while enhancing the communities in which it does business.

Next I asked the employees about values at work, and the responses listed below highlight the caliber of people employed at Corner Lot:

• The values in this workplace are very positive and present.
• Teamwork and collaboration.
• Self-discipline, loyalty and dedication.
• Professionalism, integrity, adaptability, quality and pride.
• Passion and energy to take an idea and shape it into something real.
• Having fun while being at work, hard work, team work, reliability, integrity.
• A hardworking policy/attitude with a laidback comfortable feel.
• Committed throughout, striving to go above and beyond.

Then I asked the employees about the future, where they see Corner Lot going over the next five years:

• There are no boundaries to where Corner Lot is going in the next five years.
• This company could be a nationwide housing market giant unlike ever before as we will have everything needed to accomplish any task at hand.
• Corner Lot has a tremendous knowledge of real estate and the motivation, people skills, and staff to be the most successful real estate company in the Southeast.
• Corner Lot will be a household name in Florida.
• In five years I see Corner Lot not only throughout Florida, but in other nearby states as well.
• Corner Lot will have a foot in every aspect of Florida real estate.
• Real estate domination.
• Very bright, with infinite potential to prosper and grow, expanding operations into many avenues and sectors geographically, and continue to dominate a particular corner of the market.