Land Development

Land development is defined as the process of altering a piece of land for the purpose of constructing a home, business, industrial site or for agricultural use. The primary function of land development is to maximize profit for using the land while minimizing the risk and controlling cash flow. At Corner Lot we specialize in locating land that is ready to be developed and turned into a positive cash flow for our investors.

Land value is highly sensitive to many outside influences. Supply and demand, building costs, planning, affordable housing contributions and value drivers all affect the value of a piece of land. At Corner Lot we have a team of professionals that understand the land development process from start to finish and we have a proven track record of providing financial growth opportunities for our investors.

We will help you to create a strategy based on your goals by capitalizing on the tremendous opportunities that the Florida real estate market provides. Contact us to get started on building wealth for your future.

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