How to Sell Your Home by Maximizing Each Showing

The longer your house is on the market, the more leverage the buyer has in negotiating a lower offer on the home.  Therefore, it is essential to sell your home by maximizing each showing.  Staging your home properly will help the potential buyer to actually visualize living in your home.  This will boost your chances of quickly selling your home and avoiding any price reductions.

Staging may take a little thought and attention to detail but it need not translate into major expenditures.  The goal is to engage all the senses of the individuals viewing your home, thereby transforming your house into a place where they can see themselves living.

Don’t underestimate the very critical importance of curb appeal.  Drive-by viewings and initial impressions will determine whether or not a buyer chooses to make the first step of calling to schedule an appointment.  Improve your curb appeal by ensuring that your lawn and hedges are neatly manicured.  A new layer of mulch and cheery flower pots at the front door are inviting and set the tone of the tour.

Remove clutter and personal items from rooms.  The buyer wants to see the clean lines of your home and how “their” furniture and items will work in the space.  Reposition furniture into cozy groupings and place pieces so that the traffic flows as it should when you are entertaining.  Lighting is also indispensable for creating a warmer feel.  Opt for table lighting as opposed to ceiling fixtures and utilize any light dimmers to create the perfect backdrop for each room.

Neutral paint colors on the walls are always the best choice because they will do the least to interfere with any possible design-style conflicts and objections of the potential buyer.  Touch up any areas that reveal wear and tear and thoroughly clean baseboards for a fresher look.

Kitchen and bathrooms are critical game-changers in selling the whole home.  Make sure that both are spotless and that any appliances that will be sold with the home are impeccably kept and odor-free.  Remove food items and small appliances from your kitchen counter tops and all personal care/cleaning products from the bathrooms.  Remember.  The point is to remove “you” from the home and welcome the “new owner”.

Another great way to bring rooms to life is to highlight the use of each room.  If you have a game room, set the pool table for a game.  Turn on the television and set the channel to a sporting event.  In a den, turn on the news or set the radio to a soothing station.

Lastly, don’t forget to engage their sense of smell.  What is more homey than chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven?  Bake a batch before you leave.  The aroma wafting in the air will be a first and last impression that will stay with the potential buyer long after they leave your home and will hopefully lead to a SOLD sign in your front yard.  Have fun.  Be creative and good luck!