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-Commercial Properties-

Commercial real estate can be defined as any building or land that’s intended use is to generate a profit. Included in the list of commercial properties are office buildings, industrial properties, medical centers, malls, retail stores, hotels, apartment buildings and warehouses. We are always looking for commercial real estate to provide opportunities for our investors.

There are some significant differences when investing in commercial properties as opposed to investing in residential real estate. The value of a commercial real estate property is determined by the amount of income that the property will generate in relation to the usable square footage. Typically, the cash flow generated by a commercial property is greater than the yield per square foot of a residential property. Regardless of this benefit, it is usually much more difficult to obtain bank financing on commercial properties and almost always requires a higher down payment.

One of the benefits of working with us is that we have financing readily available. This makes investing in the commercial real estate market easier than it has ever been. Investing in commercial property can help every investor diversify their risk. Say for example, a tenant in an apartment complex or office building decides to leave the property, it’s only a small percentage of income lost as opposed to owning a property where there is only one tenant. In the latter case, an entire single stream of income is lost. Another important benefit of investing in commercial real estate is that typically the lease periods are longer which providing stability and a predictable cash flow.

If you are interested in working with Corner Lot and investing in commercial real estate, please give one of our professionals a call. We can go over all the options we provide and we will be able to find an investment that best suits your level of risk. We will show you that partnering with Corner Lot will help you successfully invest in Florida’s commercial real estate market.

-Bulk REO Packages-

At Corner Lot, we buy homes below market value by purchasing bulk REO packages directly from banks, lenders and institutional investors. Our team of acquisition managers possesses an extraordinary amount of bulk real estate transactional experience.

Purchasing bulk REO properties can be a very successful way to escalate the rate of return in any real estate portfolio. But it’s very common to see rehabilitation realities often exceeding estimation. Our consistent track record and process driven real estate investment strategy minimizes the typical risk associated with bulk REO property acquisition.

Our proven process and professional team excels at managing bulk REO real estate transactions to limit risk exposure for our investors. We make investing in the Florida real estate market a highly profitable and relatively safe investment.

-Apartment Complexes-

One of the most solid and consistent ways of realizing profits in the commercial real estate industry has been through the investment in apartment complexes. That being said, investing in apartment complexes isn’t for the rookie real estate investor. Due to the sheer size of the necessary investment amount needed to purchase an apartment complex it’s wise to seek out an investment company that can help guide you through the process.

To begin the investment process, we will first set up a consultation with you to determine exactly what size and scope of an investment property that best suits your goals. Once a strategy is decided upon, our acquisition team begins the process of researching possible apartment complexes that best fit the investment strategy.

Sometimes there may not be an apartment complex available for purchase. If this is the case, we will locate the owner and an offer will be made. Corner Lot will always aggressively pursue every investment opportunity that best fits the strategy that is decided upon during the first consultation. You benefit from investing with us because we have the capital to be patient and act swiftly if an opportunity arises.

Purchasing the apartment as an investment is just the first step. Correctly leasing and managing the property is critical to the success of the investment. This is no easy task. Too many great investment opportunities go to waste due to poor management and slow leasing.

Many investors choose to work with Corner Lot because of our knowledge and expertise in managing properties successfully. We can help you realize long term rates of return that quite often outperform other investment vehicles. So, if you are interested in working with Corner Lot and building wealth for your future, please don’t hesitate to call us. We are ready to partner with you and show you why investing with Corner Lot is your best option.

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